28 januari, 2007

Dansen in de straten

Vanmiddag gezien in de boekwinkel, maar in harde kaft en (dus) te duur: de nieuwe van Barbara Ehrenreich, Dancing in the streets.
Enkele grepen uit een interview - het is verleidelijk het in extenso te citeren:

"There is evidence that Christianity until the 13th century was very much a danced religion. The archbishops were always complaining about it. When dancing was eventually banned in the churches it went outside in the form of carnival and other festivities that filled the church calendar. In 15th century France, one out of four days of the year was given over to festivities of some sort. People didn't live to work, they lived to party...
"Why is there so little collective joy today? Why is our culture bereft of opportunity for this kind of thing? Mostly, we sit in cubicles at work and we sit in our cars. If you mention 'ecstasy' people think you're talking about a drug. The cure for loneliness and isolation and despair is Prozac... The simple answer is: the ancient tradition of festivities and ecstatic rituals was deliberately suppressed by elites -people in power who associated this kind of frolicking with the lower classes and especially with women..."

You gotta fight
for your right
to paaaarty...
Ik heb eigenlijk zin om weer eens iets aan northern soul te doen.

(Foto: volgens mij ben ik de eerste geweest die de single in Nederland kocht, maar dan in een Nederlands hoesje met andere foto, in Nederlandse persing op Motown, gedistribueerd door Artone. Deze hoes is VS, op het Gordy-label).

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