19 oktober, 2009

Maya's als monument

Uit een AP-bericht over hoe beroerd het met "de economie" van Honduras gaat sinds de staatsgreep:

As the two rival factions negotiate for control of the country, the elite are comfortable behind their walled homes, although the U.S. has revoked the visas of some of the country's prominent business and political leaders.

The U.S., citing privacy rules, won't disclose the names. But Adolfo Facusse, a textile manufacturer who heads a business association, said he was among them and was forced to return home after arriving on a flight to Miami with his 11-year-old son.

Many still believe soldiers did the right thing by forcing out Zelaya, a wealthy rancher and timber baron who alienated fellow business leaders with such populist moves as hiking the minimum wage by 60 percent during the global economic crisis and strengthening ties with Chavez.

Wie met de voornaam Adolfo belast is heeft het al meegekregen van zijn ouders, lijkt mij.

De toeristen blijven weg, terwijl er zo mooi gedoken kan worden. En de Mayamonumenten worden niet meer bezocht.
Ja, de Mayamonumenten. Hoe het met de levende Mayanazaten gaat doet er niet toe.
Toerisme in de "Derde Wereld" is kolonialisme.

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