05 augustus, 2009

Geen musje

Geen musje valt ter aarde zonder de Hemelse Vader.
Lief weblog - ik ben het niet met het uitgangspunt eens (als geschapen naar Gods evenbeeld moeten mensen even goed voor dieren zijn als God is), maar hoe de schrijver (Ben de Vries) ook tot zijn streven komt, het is prijzenswaardig.

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Ben DeVries zei

Thank you very much for your kind post on my blog at Not One Sparrow, it was a real pleasure to see your recommendation of it! There's no way you could know this, but I lived in Nederland for 5 years (from 1990-95) with my parents who were missionaries there for many years. So it's a real honor to hear someone in 'Holland' appreciates what I'm doing in America!
I hope we can interact more, please feel free to email me anytime (ben at notonesparrow dot com). I was curious, you mentioned disagreeing with my starting point, in what way? I'd just be curious to learn more. By the way, I can still read Dutch fairly well, I just can't write and talk in it liked I used to!
The very best to you and your own blog,
Ben DeVries, Not One Sparrow