09 maart, 2006

God spreekt

Terry Jones over de bekentenis van Blair dat hij tenslotte alleen verantwoording tegenover God verschuldigd is voor zijn oorlog:
"According to Gabriel, God spake these words: "That George W Bush once had the nerve to say: 'God told me to go end the tyranny in Iraq, and I did.' Well, let me tell you I did no such thing! If I'd wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein, I could have given him pneumonia. I didn't need the president of the United States to send in hundreds of heavy bombers and thousands of missiles to destroy Iraq - even though I appreciate that Halliburton needed to fill its order books."

En deze mooie afsluiter:

"God, the archangel says, is also disturbed by Mr Blair's remark that while religious beliefs might colour his politics, "it's best not to take it too far".

"How would he like it if I went round claiming that he gave me his full backing when I sent the tsunami last year?"

De complete tekst.
Dank God voor de Pythons...

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