19 september, 2008

Een bericht uit de Eerste Wereld

Een week na orkaan Ike is KPFT, Pacifica Houston, nog steeds uit de lucht.
Het bulletin van de site:

Message from KPFT GM Duane Bradley.

The station has been aired out and awaits power. Chief Engineer Steve Brightwell has informed me a tower crew will be out probably tomorrow to check on the STL dish and to assess the tension on the guy wires on the tower.

They may need to be replaced after the stretching they received thanks to Ike. We hope to have power restored at the station in the next day or so; still dark on day 5 at the station, the transmitter and many of our homes.

Staff have been contacted daily and all are busy dealing with family, self and neighbors.
I greatly appreciate all your kind thoughts and patience with us during these trying times..

Thanks to Nicole for getting my daily telephonic updates to her transmitted out to y'all.
Know we all appreciate you being there for us and for each other. I hope to be able to communicate to you from the KPFT studios soon!

Stay strong with us,



- Afwachten... Drie miljoen mensen zitten nog zonder stroom, na die week.

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