15 juni, 2008

Loughborough, 4-6 september 2008

Het voorlopige schema, deel van een complete studieconferentie gewijd aan het anarchisme (de weelde!), van sessies gewijd aan religieus-anarchisme.

Religious Anarchisms: Alex Christoyannopoulos (session 1 of 3)
Room U013
Thursday 4 Sept. 14.00-16.00
Bojan Aleksov: ‘Religious Dissenters and Anarchists in Turn of the Century Hungary’
André de Raaij: ‘The International Fraternity Which Never Was – Dutch Christian Anarchism Between Optimism and Near-Defeat 1893-1906’
Peter Pick: ‘A Theology of Revolution: Abiezer Coppe and the Uses of Tradition’

Religious Anarchisms: Alex Christoyannopoulos (session 2 of 3)
Room U013
Friday 5 Sept. 9.00-11.00
Keith Hebden: ‘The Need For Subversive Foreignness In Liberation Theologies’
Richard Davis: ‘Kierkegaard and a Christian Politics of Indifference’
Alexandre Christoyannopoulos: ‘Responding to the State: Romans 13, “render unto Caesar” and the Question of Civil Disobedience’

Religious Anarchisms: Alex Christoyannopoulos (session 3 of 3)
Room U013
Friday 5 Sept. 11.15-13.15

Mohamed Jean Veneuse: ‘Paths to becoming a Muslim Anarchist’
Anthony Fiscella: ‘Imagining an Islamic Anarchism’
John Rapp: ‘Anarchism of Nihilism: The Buddhist–Influenced Thought of Wu Nengzi’
Ali Çaksu: ‘Islam and Anarchism’ tbc.

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