09 juni, 2016

Christen-anarchisme is nu eenmaal groen

Engelse christen-anaarchisten die ik ken raken steeds meer betrokken bij de Green Party. Jonathan Bartley dingt zelfs naar een duo-voorzitterschap met Caroline Lucas. Of de Green Christians betrokken zijn bij de partij weet ik niet zeker maar het lijkt mij wel logisch. Keith Hebden, van wie ik weet dat hij er wel actief voor is, verzorgt dit weekeinde een retraite.

Through an exploration of prayer, contemplation and action this weekend is an opportunity for discovery. It is a chance for each of us to pause and pay special attention to our souls and bodies and how intentionally we can let them belong to the
creation that shaped them.
Our bodies are the starting point of our ethical, spiritual, and inter-personal lives. For over ten thousand years we humans have produced incredible technologies but with each generation’s advances we take a step further away from our proper place as a
partner and co-learner with the rest of creation. This includes the growing distance between one and another and between us and God.
By bringing our attention back to the relationship between our earthly bodies and how they relate to the rest of the earth we find new resources for being agents for social and spiritual change. Most importantly of all we learn and lead others in seeing greater ecological care as coming home like the Prodigal Son and discovering creation running with open arms to greet us.

De Prayer Guide van de Green Christians zal u net zo verrassen als hij mij deed.

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