20 mei, 2008

Jeremiah Wright, christen-anarchist?

Jeremiah Wright blijkt niet alleen een zwarte- of bevrijdingstheoloog, hij heeft ook een christen-anarchistisch trekje, blijkens dit artikel waaruit de volgende passages:
There is no way to understand Wright's comments through casual readings of Google searches, through listening to YouTube clips, or through the many radio and TV pundits who have caricatured his remarks. One must deal with the entire message of his sermon in light of the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ.

The sermon at the heart of the controversy, preached at Trinity on April 13, 2003, is actually titled "Confusing God and Government." Based on Luke 19:37-44, the sermon was designed to clarify the difference between the divine unchanging power of God and the human unreliable programs and laws of the government. Appealing to concrete historical examples in which the government has had to overturn decisions that had a negative impact on African Americans (e.g., the Dred Scott decision, Jim Crow laws, etc.), Wright highlights the stable, omnipotent presence of God who is, in effect, always on the side of the oppressed.

The primacy of Jesus over the Powers, dat mag anarchistische contextuele theologie heten in de VS (zie Vernard Eller).

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