09 juli, 2014


"I have a deep feeling for Stockbridge, its surroundings and its people, indeed I am one of them myself. Stockbridge, in my time, was an exciting, lively place to live in, there was always something going on. The vague feeling of connection with the past horse racing and traditions of training, the strong and lively sporting life, the clubs, the pubs, the religious life, the public traditions, the societies, the fishing club, the shops, the characters, the wide busy street which invited friendly intercourse and the general air of bonhomie amongst the Stockbridge people made life feel very worthwhile. I always felt safe within its peaceful boudaries. It is difficult to describe the pleasant feeling of arriving, once the train came to a standstill at the station and one could hear George Dalton's voice crying out; or when one crossed the station bridge or the Test bridge into Stockbridge itself - we were home."

Tony Parker, born in 1927, lived in Stockbridge till 1961. Moved to Shepton Mallet, Weesp, Baarn, Nijmegen, Soest, Baarn again and died 2d July 2014 in Lage Vuursche.

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