10 juni, 2012

De angstwekkende boodschap van Jezus van Nazareth

[Y]ou might ask, if when it comes to politics, an anarchist stance is what Christ’s teaching and example demands from its followers, why are so few Christians also anarchists? There are many elements to this answer. For one, what Jesus asks of us is seen by many as simply too demanding, too ambitious, too utopian. Several layers of official theology have also claimed that Jesus didn’t really mean this for us here and now, but only for the hereafter (as if there would be any point voicing such demands if that was the case, to convey but one response to this copout). Indeed, it’s difficult not to agree with Christian anarchists that Jesus’ radical political demands were betrayed by almost all official churches and their theologians as they became more established and institutionalised. What Jesus calls us to is scary in that it is unknown. It seems easier to “stay with the devil we know”. To follow Jesus requires faith in love, faith in the power of love to transform human relationships. In short: it seems near impossible, and the official churches have worked hard to convince us that Jesus didn’t really call us to such a radical political path anyway.

Alex Christoyannopoulos stelt de vraag: Horen christenen anarchist te zijn? Een bescheiden "ja" is het antwoord - het bovengeplaatste citaat zegt het al.

Er valt veel meer te zeggen en D.V. zal ik dit binnenkort doen.

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