31 december, 2015

Geen bruggen meer om over te steken

De demo van Happy New Year, alleen op dplaat gezet door Beverley door de man die het geschreven heeft.
De tekst komt nog harder aan.

The world's a little older
As distant sounds move
The nights a little colder
And I'm alone,
Happy New Year

A cheer on New Year spirit
Dies on the still night air
I shout, but you can't hear me
And you don't care, Happy New Year
Baby, you dont care, Happy New Year

The year is lined with promise
So greet it joyfully
A time so full of promise
Holds none for me
Happy New Year

No bridges left to cross now,
No dragons left to slay,
And everything is lost now,
You've gone away, Happy New Year
You've gone away, Happy New Year

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